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Today's Students
Tomorrows Protectors

Welcome Agents to the new frontier...

About us

Established in 2022, the CBMS-IA is a (ARG) agency devoted to protecting the greater Chesapeake Bay Territory from threats both domestic and foreign. Created by Mr. R for CBMS 7th Grade Social Studies as a Class Activity.

The Attitude of a Protector

Agents are trained to become disciplined and honor driven scholars eager to better themselves for the next engagement. They grow quickly and thrive in a challenging and harsh environment learning the art of adapting and overcoming any obstacle they may face. 

Advanced Intelligence Technology

Our Agents are equiped with the latest and greatest devices technology has to offer in the modern day allowing them to perform their duties with ease so they can gather intelligence, cross reference it with historical records, and accurately make deductions from it to better know an event.

Strength in Teams

Our Agents are teamed up to form balanced teams that compete for the highest ranks as field agents, performing code breaking, location reconnaissance, and creating intelligence reports quickly and efficiently. 

Connected Through the Ages

With the resurgence of time travel technology we have not only been able to replicate the quantum mechanics to traverse the time space continuum but also to use intelligence gained from these trips to change the course of history. 

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